God’s Language

// so once I had a thought.

this thought has remained with me ever since I had it //

What is the language of God? 

// and when I speak of God’s language, it can refer to two different things: the language of God used for creation & the language of God used to communicate with man before the tower of Babel.

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. (Genesis 1:3 ESV)

With merely words, God speaks light into existence. Whether this is literal account of how God created the earth, or a simplification; we will never be able to understand the power behind these words.

What I wish to focus on is the personal language of God, the one used in discourse with Adam and Eve. //

What’s the big deal? 

// today 6500 languages are spoken around the world. All of these languages could be traced back to the tower of Babel, where God dispersed humanity by changing our languages. All of these languages came to be in a sinful world.

But all the way back in Genesis 2, we see God speaking to man. This language was spoken in a world which was perfect and sinless, therefore the language itself was perfect and sinless. Every language we speak today came to being in a world full of sin, therefore the languages themselves are flawed and sinful. //

Alright but why does it matter? 

// Music has beauty. All of the music of today is sung in our sinful languages, yet it is still beautiful. Imagine the beauty of a song sung in the original sinless language of God! I would assume that the songs of the angels in heaven are in this language. I can also assume that we will all speak this language when we reach heaven. It will be wonderful to praise our Creator for all eternity in His own language. This is something I desperately look forward to.

Think on that. One day, we will be able to truly worship; as the angels worship around the throne. Nothing we have heard will compare to that. //


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